About Our Club

  Welcome to Up Together, The Morristown Airport Shared Flight Adventure Club.

My name is Greg Savettiere and I am our club's coordinator. I love to golf, ski, share great meals, meet new people, and experience new destinations. 

I founded Up Together because I want people to create shared adventures with round trip flights departing from my local area airports (MMU, TEB HPN and EWR) that just happen to be going my way.

Based on prior aviation experiences and your recommendations I research exciting Shared Adventures and post suggested dates for them on our Club Calendar and in our Local Airport Forum and Local Meetup Group.

Join a Shared Adventure and post your travel preferences on our Flight Board to crowdsource a flight out of your regional airport using your Independent Shared Aviation Provider.

Form a group with similar travel preferences that desires to share your adventure then select Coordinate Itineraries, and Up Together will coordinate the booking of your flight and ground itineraries with fellow club members.

Be sure to follow our members' crowdsourced adventures on our Adventure Blog.

If you have any questions including new trip ideas or suggestions on how we can make our club better please Contact Me.