Crowdsource An Adventure Departing from Your Local Airport

1. Crowdsource local members to share your adventure

  • Upon receipt of your order, we post your travel preferences on our Flight Board to help you form a group that has similar travel preferences.
  • In order to maintain our members’ confidentiality, we do not post members’ names or email addresses on our Flight Board. Refer to your Order Number when viewing our Flight Board.

2. Use our Concierge Service to coordinate your group's itineraries

  • Once you see a group on our Adventure Board that you would like to join, select Coordinate Itineraries, and Up Together will coordinate the itineraries between you and fellow members in your group for a $100 refundable Concierge Fee per participant.
  • Because accommodations are harder to book than flights, we first forward your contact information to an Independent Travel Agent who is familiar with our proposed ground itinerary who will work with to provide you with a personalized ground itinerary for your adventure based on your accommodation and activity preferences.
  • Members ultimately book their ground itinerary directly with an independent travel agent working on their behalf. Cancellation insurance is reccomended.
  • Once your lodging and activities are booked, we help coordinate your flight bookings with fellow travelers.
  • Members ultimately book their flights directly with an independent aviation provider.

3. Share your adventure with fellow members

  • Up Together plans a time and venue during shared adventures when members can meet, network, and exchange ideas.
  • When possible, we attend adventures to facilitate networking, ensure ground itineraries run smoothly, update our community's Adventure Blog and, learn how future adventures can be more exciting.
  • Save me a spot on your next adventure!

    Greg Savettiere
    Club Coordinator
    Up Together LLC