Greg Savettiere - NetJets Statement of Work

  1. Create and manage Up Together, a member driven community that promotes and facilitates the sharing of in-fight and on-the-ground experiences among existing and prospective NetJets members.
  1. Build and manage a content rich, interactive member driven website at as a focal point for the Up Together community. Create and administer regional meet up groups and and local airport communication channels.
  1. Organize connected communities of locally proximate existing and prospective NetJets members through local meetings, and events.
  1. Based on member input and past private aviation travel experiences, research and propose itineraries for short Shared Adventures that members can experience together. Connect local members who desire to share these adventures and recommend airports and flight times for shared flights.
  1. Based on demand, propose flights request for our adventures that NetJets members can book themselves. Coordinate the booking of a members corresponding ground itinerary with NetJets member services.
  1. Plan a time and venue during an adventure when participants can meet, exchange ideas, and learn more about each others interests. When possible, attend adventures to facilitate networking, ensure ground itineraries run smoothly, chronicle on a community blog, and learn to improve future member experiences.
  1. Generate new membership leads for NetJets through the Up Together program. Assist in the closing of new and existing membership leads in a member-to-member consultative selling capacity.